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Hotel and restaurant in Dax

Lou Caçairot,

restaurant in Dax

The restaurant serves deliciousauthentic cuisine which gives you a parade of flavours, not far from the Place de la Fontaine Chaude in Dax. Lou Caçairot means "bad hunter" in Gascon, and tells the story of the Landes countryside through traditional, understated decoration. The flower-bedecked terrace bathed in light provides a charming setting for unique moments enjoying fine food. Lou Caçairot is open every day, for lunch and dinner.

restaurant menu

Cuisine from the area with flavours from childhood

Any occasion is the right one to enjoy tasty cuisine full of local fare, whether with friends at the start of a night out, or for a family get-together. The original flavours found in the dishes served at Lou Caçairot are found at the local farmers’ markets, in the tradition of local farms and farming, and down little country lanes. The chef is set on working with products from the wonderful surrounding region and as such promote local producers and artisans working with freshly-grown treasures. The menu of the Lou Caçairot restaurant is rich and traditional all while changing as the seasons go by.

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