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Series of thermal
hydrotherapy sessions

Thermal cure in Dax

Enjoy a series of thermal hydrotherapy sessions to relieve pain and discomfort and boost your immune system.

Bad back? Feeling pain, rheumatism? Do you have heavy legs?

A series of thermal hydrotherapy sessions at the Thermes de l’Avenue is your solution. A series of thermal hydrotherapy sessions provides a natural alternative that relieves various pathologies using targeted treatments with therapeutic properties carried out by health professionals. As specialists in rheumatology and phlebology, we provide the opportunity to enjoy a moment of well-being in a down-to-earth family establishment. Enjoy a moment just for you, with accommodation, restaurant and spa on site.”

Series of hydrotherapy sessions

Mini-series of thermal hydrotherapy sessions

Mini-thermal hydrotherapy sessions really support you in dealing with stress as it soothes tense muscles and sore joints, but also helps with the emotional effects of life's challenges. Disturbed sleep, irritability, fatigue and pain can be relieved by the benefits of thermal waters with a format to suit everyone.

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